re-new studio preamp user

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re-new studio preamp user

Post by antonioabad80 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 1:13 pm

Hi everyone! as i said, im rediscovering my studio preamp after some years trying gear (lonestar, axe, isp, kemper...). As im giging regulary, carrying my "295+Ev12L+rack+micíng it up without noises" was imposible due to the "no amps on stage" shows i´m working in. The most convincing was the kemper (studio profiles profiles from my sp) but a couple a months ago i got a bargained two notes torpedo live.... i decided to give it a try and i it just blew my mind: studio pre --> torpedo --> monitors/pa. I know it is not a 295.. but i didn´t expected that feeling, just like the studio mic´ed up, and the valve feeling. I was reading all of your settings and now all of them sound incredible, 0 noises at any level (stage/bedroom), and the kemper just for fx and switch controller. In the GAS attack i order some mesa tubes for the sp, i wanna tweaking it in stock conditions as i never did. Im running the preamp into the torpedo (OH 4x12 EV + s57 with a 6L6 preamp emu).

I would like to know if any of you is using this devices? any tips to share (IR´s, etc...)? What about valves? i also thought about the c+ mod, but some say sounds wierd on clean channel cos of the bass. All your inputs are welcome!

By the way, Mesa could launch a new version of this unit (2 independet channels, midi, 1rack space....) :roll: Is the V-twin / recto recording / triaxis something similar but newer??

thanks a lot!

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Re: re-new studio preamp user

Post by ytse_jam » Thu Feb 07, 2019 4:12 pm

Hi Antonio, I'm sometimes using my Studio Pre with Mooer Radar poweramp+cab simulator and it's great. I suppose the Torpedo is even better. As far as tubes I've tried some different brands (JJ, TungSol) but ended up sticking with Mesa 'premium' (low noise) 12ax7 (they're called SP-AX7 or something similar) . If I'm not mistaken, the Studio came in two different versions, one had 12at7 for reverb section, the other just another 12ax7.
And no, the other preamps you listed do not sound close to the Studio.

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