Mark I/II/II/IV short chassis road case for sale or rent

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Mark I/II/II/IV short chassis road case for sale or rent

Post by woodbutcher65 » Sun Jun 17, 2018 12:04 pm

I have a road case that came with my Mark III combo. I really don't need it but somebody probably does.

I can either sell it outright or I can rent it to anyone who needs one. Let's say you found a Mark III combo you want to buy but the buyer doesn't want to ship it because of fear of damage.

You can contact me, tell me where to ship the road case, and you pay shipping and a deposit that is refunded when I get the road case back after you've received your amp in it.

I also collect a rental fee.

Pricing: Buy the road case outright from me for 250 dollars and that price includes shipping in the USA. it from me. I charge a 50 dollar rental fee, you pay all shipping costs, and I take a 150 dollar deposit that you get back when I get the road case back. (This helps cover the cost of a replacement case in the event someone doesn't bother to send it back to me.)

The rental period is 1 month. That's plenty and allows for most any reasonable delays because we know, life happens.

The advantage is that you don't have to store a road case you don't need once you have the amp.

There are some people who would ship the amp they have for sale, if they had a road case.

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