Mesa Boogie Throttle Box.. is mine defective?

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Mesa Boogie Throttle Box.. is mine defective?

Post by Andree88 » Sat May 13, 2017 1:52 pm

Hi all, I've just bought a Mesa Boogie Throttle Box (used via internet). The pedal is perfect, with box and without any scratch.
The seller was AAA+++ and I've never had problems with used pedals..

I bought the Throttle Box just to use it without my Mesa amp and in someway have a similar distortion.
There is a problem: when I use it it's too loud and it has too many treble!
I mean, I cannot use the volume past 9 o' clock and the tone past 8 o' clock!
Even with my amp flat.. the difference in tone from clean (nice, very warm) and with the pedal on is incredible. Too much treble..
I've opened it and the internal switch is set to the mode that has "+ bass", the other way has even much treble.

These treble-thing is in yellow and red channel of the pedal.

I use an Ibanez RG 2550z (DiMarzio Tone Zone / Air Norton) + proel cables + Mesa Boogie F-50 combo amp.. even with 9v battery the things doesn't change.

For example when I plug my Ibanez TS Mini on clean channel it has more warmness and it's articulate (even with tone and volume at 12 o' clock).. I can't believe it... Even my old Blackstar HT-DistX was better, warm tone (that I sold for the Throttle Box).. I've bought the Throttle 'cause in internet samples was awesome with all kind of sounds and I red a lot of people so much excited with these pedal.

I've tryied it even with no mid cut (7 o' clock).. nothing changes. Too treble, too volume.

Is my Throttle Box defective? I cannot return it to the seller, it was a private sell.. the seller told me that he used the pedal 6 months and never figured out the problem I said.

Or I'm an idiot that I cannot use the tone and volume knob? I've tryied it with the Fender G-Dec and it has a little bit less treble but the problem is almost the same..
Thanks all
Sorry my bad english, I'm italian..

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Re: Mesa Boogie Throttle Box.. is mine defective?

Post by Nick79 » Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:55 am

I had a Throttle box for a while (the eq version) and yes its a loud pedal. I found unity volume at about 10 o clock on the volume knob.
It was quite trebly and bright, but i found that by adjusting the mid cut i could pretty much get where i wanted. I used it that way on the low gain setting for classic rock stuff through an F50 and it sounded pretty good.

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Re: Mesa Boogie Throttle Box.. is mine defective?

Post by clyvediggins » Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:24 pm

Anyone out there using a throttle box eq into a tc100? Loving this amp, would like to get that dual rec sound as well and have the best of both. Any feedback would be appreciated, first Mesa after years of waiting. Also considered going with the standard 5 band eq.

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