Which would you rather?

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Re: Which would you rather?

Post by MkIII Renegade » Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:50 am

Mike0 wrote:Wow, the Quad sounds even better than I thought it would. Seriously, this thing floored me. I've read a lot online that the Mark series take a lot of time to dial in and find "that" tone, I must have been incredibly lucky, because the first time I dialed things in it was pouring sweet juicy tone out of every channel. Couldn't be happier.

As of now I'm running mono effects into the Return A of the Quad. I don't really have a stereo setup at the moment, so it would just be a waste of a cord sending another line from my pedal board to the Return B. I might try just doing mono out into my board and then straight into the power amp, as mentioned. I still have plenty of time to find my way around that monster; so much tinkering to do.

As for the size, mine fits the 3 spaces and nothing more. Were the midi Quads built by Mesa themselves, or were all of them modded by third parties?
I just setup my Quad + Stereo Simul 2:90 with two Mesa Mark 4x12s for true stereo effects. All I can say is COLOSSAL!! The sound is godlike and HUGE. I couldn't be happier. I usually only ran 1/2 power on my MkIII head (15 very loud watts), although I used Simul (75 watts) when I wanted loud crystal cleans or huge tones. The Quad/2:90 is so mighty and flexible, there is no point in messing around with heads for my rig any more at the moment (first time to experience rack gear, so I'm diving in!). I am going to get a nice 2x12 cab with Celestions for the MkIII for smaller jams.

I definitely recognize the authentic MkIII tone that I know and love so much on Channel 2 (ELECTRIFYING!!). I have never played a MkII before, but my dream of having an ULTRA clean channel with separate EQ while still have Maximum MkIII Kill Mode available with its own EQ is now realized. The only odd thing I don't understand is why Lead 2 is substantially quieter than Lead 1 on similar settings. I don't see the point in doing it this way, but oh well.

The Triaxis may have even more flexibility, but TONE is ultimate goal, and everyone I know gives the edge to the Quad. Plus I love the old school knobs. I had seriously considered getting a matching era Simul 295 to complete the vintage package, but that thing is simply huge, and the 2:90 has very nice features like Deep and Modern that I like alot, and leaves room in my 8-space rack for a GForce + Rocktgron Hush. I have to be a good boy and see if Santa will bring those to me for Christmas. 8)
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Re: Which would you rather?

Post by IronSean » Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:08 am

Someone on here actually theorized that the channel volume differences was a mistake in the schematic because one Master volume uses, and 22K Ohm, and the other a 220K Ohm, and they felt that potentially a schematic transcribed as 22 O got read as 220 on one channel, leading it to be quieter. So you could always experiment with swapping that value to see if it works better.
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