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Re: Verdict on Electra Dyne

Post by MBJunkie » Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:58 pm

Hi there YJ! It's been a long time....

I do understand why people enjoy the sound offerings of the ED without question. As I said, it did offer very nice sounds in all modes, several of which were unique and different compared to most MB amps. I do agree that the high gain sound offerings of the Mark Series is more to my liking than those offered by the ED based on my recollection and by a wide margin.

That said, I also love the clean/semi-clean sound offerings (and flexibility) in Ch1 of my MkV better than the clean sound offering of the ED (while still very nice to be sure). The "Crunch Mode" is my go to in Channel 2 of the MkV and I do love the sounds that I can get there!

The Lo Gain Mode of the ED is where the magic and mojo existed to me! I can certainly understand why people love this amp even if just for this mode! Especially for those that just set the ED in Lo Gain Mode with tone knobs dialed to taste, use the guitar volume knob to "clean it up" and hit it with an OCD (or other pedal) up front for fantastic higher gain solo sounds. 8)
Nothing at all wrong with that approach!

In fact, this is what I did when rehearsing with my band and it worked fairly well, but I truly hoped the ED would be more footswitchable friendly between the modes on the fly as it was advertised.


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