If you have a Hamer Steve Stevens Model (First version) I need your help.

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If you have a Hamer Steve Stevens Model (First version) I need your help.

Post by woodbutcher65 » Thu Jul 25, 2019 1:43 pm

I've taken on a light restoration project for a friend/customer. It's a first version Hamer Steve Stevens model from the mid 80s.

It had a neck break many years ago and whomever did the repair work made a solid repair but what he did to the finish on the neck is basically a tragedy.

My job is to restore the neck to looking like new. And playing like new, too, but believe me, I can handle that.

Due to the frankly abominable things that were done to the neck finish, I can't even be quite sure of how Hamer originally did the transition on the headstock between the fuchsia body and neck paint and the black headstock face paint.

So, if anyone who has this model or any SIMILAR Hamer guitar that has a painted neck in one color, and a painted headstock face in black (or another contrasting color) could send me a few photos of the headstock as seen from a few different angles so I can see how Hamer did that transition, it'd be very appreciated. Your input will help me to restore this guitar to be close to mint condition.

I'm also going to have to find the Steve Stevens signature model logo for the back of the headstock. So far I've had no luck on that, but getting a new
Hamer logo for the headstock face is not at all difficult.

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