triaxis and dynawatt 2020

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triaxis and dynawatt 2020

Post by webthe » Wed Jun 02, 2021 8:04 am

Hi Guys

I have just bought a triaxis and poweramp dynawatt 2020

i've never used/tried triaxis before. could you please help with my questions below

1. I saw that dynawatt has 2 channells (A&B) - which side is A and which side is B? it was not labelled properly.

2. Can I use dynawatt with 1 speaker only? i.e. is it safe to do so? (i'm planning to use only either channel A or B) or is there a trick to use it with 1 speaker only? (alternatively, i'm thinking of buying a load for direct recording if needed)

3. I am also planning to directly record triaxis - i saw on the back it has 2 recording outputs --> are these the ones to go to interface? My interface is focusrite solo (basic / beginner one) - it has 2 inputs --> 1 is trs, 1 is guitar jack input. Should I just use one of the recording outputs from triaxis to the interface? (i'm not planning to use a poweramp and will use a poweramp sim)

Thanks in advance.

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