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Best bass plugins/VSTs

Post by aaronpawlak » Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:52 am

Hey all,

Curious as to your fave plugins for bass. To clarify, I am not looking for a bass sim to trigger with midi. I play an actual bass, and am looking for best plugins to give me varied tones on recorded audio. I use (and love) Amplitube as my amp sim for guitar, and am looking for something similar for bass, so I can achieve different tones for different contexts, ie heavier songs, slower songs, more attack, etc etc.

Is this something that is more achieved through savvy eq-ing and compression, or are there plugins that could, for example, make my P-bass audio sound more like a Rickenbacher or Hoffner for a song here or there? Also, something preferably with specific presets as such.

For the record--I play a Fender P-bass, record it DI into Cubase on a PC, and play rock music (ie- Bowie, Radiohead, Smiths, some punk, etc). Again, for the record, not looking for a sim that I have to trigger with midi, but for something to make my audio options more flexible without owning 9 different basses.

Please help

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