Volume Jumps/Flactuates

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Volume Jumps/Flactuates

Post by Anomaly » Mon May 21, 2012 2:38 pm

Hey All!

My recently acquired used Randall RM50 had some volume (fluctuate) spike issue.. Original owner bought the amp new back in Feb of this year. Problem I'm having is it would just jump volume and stays there for a couple of seconds then comes back to normal? I replace all the preamp tubes thinking it might be just the preamps? but it's still having that problem. Is this a faulty Power tube (I hope so?) problem? not hearing any crackling or any other weird noise beside that instant volume jumps! also notice the master volume has no effect when it volume jumps. and at normal the master volume doesn't react like a 50 watts? I have the channel volume somewhere between 2-3.
appreciate the help!

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