TA 15/30 - volume levels between modes and use cases

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TA 15/30 - volume levels between modes and use cases

Post by EbbO.cnx » Sat Jan 06, 2018 10:44 am

Hey there,

I play a TA30 for quite a time now. It's an absolutely great amp and a pure tone machine.

But one thing I didn't get over yet is the change in volume pitch I experince when changing the modes in red from tweed to Hi1-2 or in green normal to top boost.

How do you handle this in a live situation? Is there a certain area/setup where the differences in volume between the modes are less present? What is your experience?

My current use case:
Green channel (in master volume) -> Top Boost at the edge of breakup for crunch and a little cleaner with the guitar volume and treble bleed
Red channel -> Hi1 for rhythm and powerchords
Soloboost with MXR Microamp in the loop

In future I'd love to use warmer Tweed as my clean/crunch setting and Top Boost as a higher gain BritOverdrive - so far so good. Now I really miss the Hi1 for rhythm playing. The difference in volume between tweed and hi1 is so hight that I can't compensate with guitar volume while keeping a proper input level.

Has anybody an idea how to overcome this situation and get use of the full range of the amp?

Sure I could use two levels of master volume and mark them at the dial - but I don't want to play with my output level during a gig after the soundcheck.

I hope to get some new input on how you use the TA and exchange some ideas with you.

Cheers Dominik

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