Friedman Dirty Shirley Pedal - Totally Nuts

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Friedman Dirty Shirley Pedal - Totally Nuts

Post by Nitrobattery » Mon Oct 02, 2017 2:26 am

I don't really spam these videos here, but this one is worth sharing.

I was asked to shoot this video for the company that I used to work for, and couldn't believe the sounds that I got out of this thing. Easily the most amp-like drive pedal I've ever tried. Where most distortion pedals tend to sound kind of narrow, 2D and weird in the top end....this thing really sounds like an amp in a box. It's also incredibly versatile. I tried to cover everything from classic rock, to super low gain tones, thrash metal to almost a dead-on copy of Soundgarden's Superunknown tone.

I worked in and eventually managed music stores for 15 years, and have tried more pedals than I can remember. This one is something really special. Just from a gear nerd to fellow gear nerds, if you ever need a killer distortion pedal, this is worth checking out.

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