Stlietto Trident I - Volume drop in Tight Clean & Crunch Ch2

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Stlietto Trident I - Volume drop in Tight Clean & Crunch Ch2

Post by Mookakian » Wed Jun 22, 2016 1:56 am

Hey guys, I have always had this problem and put it down to the voicing, but Ch1 Tight Clean and Ch2 Crunch are very low in volume compared to the rest of the channels, I cant use crunch on both channels as the Ch2 crunch is way too quiet, I have the Master set to 3 Oclock on CH 2 Crunch and 11 Oclock on Channel 1 Crunch but still channel 1 is overpowering.

Is there suppose to be such a drop in output in some channels, its still under warranty so i may drive a few hours and get her looked at but curious if any other Stiletto Trident or Deuce users are experience the same thing?

I have replaced all power tubes, no change. Just nabbed a set of pre amp tubes but missplaced one... soon as I find it I will try that.

I have been using Ch1 Crunch and Tight Gain but would love to be able to get a balanced output using Tight Clean and Tight Gain for example, only tight clean has no chance of reaching the same volume as Tight Gain, even with the gain down on Tight Gain. Also there is a lot more treble in the higher volume channels, the ones with lower output are unable to match it no matter what the treble knobs are set to.

Thanks for reading

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