FS: Mesa Professional High Gain Amp Switch

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FS: Mesa Professional High Gain Amp Switch

Post by DisposableHero » Tue Oct 23, 2018 6:03 pm

For sale is a sought after Mesa Professional High Gain Amp Switch that I've had in my "Hetfield clone rack" for almost 10 years. As we know, the unit is super rare, and took me almost 3 years to find one in super clean VG+/NM condition (rack screw marks, but no scrathes, dents, etc. Everything works as supposed to).

The Mesa Boogie High Gain Amp Switcher is an easy to operate multi-amp switcher that allows you to seamlessly switch between or (COMBINE) up to four amplifiers or preamplifiers.

Offering glitch free audio performance with no crackling or popping. At live volumes, those cracks and pops can damage guitar speakers and your hearing as well.

HGAS has been the centerpiece in the rigs of people like John Petrucci, Alex Lifeson and James Hetfield for years. They are rare, hard to find and out of production. They infrequently come up for sale, especially in as good condition as this.

This amp switcher will look sleek in your rack.

The High-Gain Amp Switcher features:
Switch between or combine up to 4 Amplifiers or Preamps seamlessly and quiet
REAR PANEL: Instrument Input.
REAR PANEL: 4 Preamp Sends (to the preamp inputs).
REAR PANEL: 4 Preamp Returns (from preamp outputs).
REAR PANEL: 4 control jacks to switch the preamps in and out of the signal path.
FRONT PANEL: 4 LEDs to show the status of each of the preamps.

Local pickup (NYC/queens) preferred, But shipping inside US is also possible (paypal payment, buyer pays shipping)

There is one currently on sale on ebay for 800,- so this should be decently priced. Rarely, when on sale, the units seem to go for about $750-1000.

I'm am asking $700, but reasonable offers for a quick cash&pickup deal will be noted


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Re: FS: Mesa Professional High Gain Amp Switch

Post by Littleb » Tue Jan 22, 2019 12:48 am

Bump for a cool piece .Any pictures? The one i had could only switch preamp/ line signals.It has no load box in it to take load off amp heads.Is yours different?
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