looking for express 5:25 non-plus head (seller's remorse ..)

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looking for express 5:25 non-plus head (seller's remorse ..)

Post by Axel » Mon May 08, 2017 11:19 am

I loved my two boogie express 5:25 combos (one is 10", the other 12", both Celestion Gold speakers). Then I had the brilliant ideal (-not) that I needed the solo function of the 5:25+ and so I switched both chassis from non-plus for plus.

I wished I had not done that! The non-plus sounded much better to my ear. Smoother sound, more balls, more volume. I played both next to each other before selling the non-plus and had second thoughts. But in the end I thought I can learn to dial the Plus in so that it gets close to the non-Plus. Well, at this point in time I am giving up and am looking at reversing the chassis swap.

So, if anybody is interested selling a Boogie Express 5:25 head (non plus), please let me know. Have not seen any on ebay or reverb.com lately. Would prefer later model, i.e., the one with the black tube protection cage.


-- Axel

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