Project Hardwood & Wicker Mark Series Short Headshell, Also Short Head Road Case

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Project Hardwood & Wicker Mark Series Short Headshell, Also Short Head Road Case

Post by s-fresh » Sat Sep 07, 2019 8:00 pm

Project Mesa Mark Short Headshell - Hardwood & Wicker- $350
I believe this is some kind of mahogany. Much softer than the imbuia or maple you often see. Has a nice ripple/flame figure in there although it doesn't jump out. I bought this damaged and the prior owner starting repairing it. I started sanding it and gave up. I don't have any amps that fit in here any more so it has just been sitting in my garage. From everything I can tell this is an original Mesa headshell but after so many years who knows. It definitely looks just like other Mesa hardwood heads and combos I've had in the past. This thing will never be perfect, but with some sanding and a few coats of finish it can be pretty nice.

Included: rubber feet, handle, wicker grill, logo plate, mounting washers (nickel), and mounting bolts (black). This should work for any late Mark IIB through Mark IV amps out of a short head or compact combo. This was originally a DC-3 so a fan was not included. I do have some old Boogie fans and reverb tanks if you'd like to add them at an extra cost.

Many photos:


Mesa Mark Series Short Head Road Case & Cover - $120
As shown in photos, well-padded case for a short head. Also includes an original vinyl head cover. Has a nice extra compartment for storing extra stuffs.



Prices above do not reflect shipping, although I will sell everything above for $450 shipped to the continental US. That will be a UPS label taped to the road case, they ship pretty well like that.

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