Pod X3 Live & Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

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Pod X3 Live & Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Post by mpalcko » Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:03 am


I'm new here and also new to Amp heads. I bought a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and have had a POD X3 Live for years. I really like the new amp head but if I wanted to add in some delay or additional effects could I hook up my POD X3 Live into the FX Loop? I know you can do the stomp boxes and some multi effects pedals just not sure about this type of setup thought I'd ask for help first. Also I take it if I can do this, I'd just plug in the mesa send connection to the input on the POD X3 Live and the output on the POD x3 Live into the Return on the FX Loop for the Mesa correct? Any help I'd much appreciate it.

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Re: Pod X3 Live & Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier

Post by kc_ksom » Mon Jul 29, 2019 2:29 am

You will be OK to hook it up through the fx loop and 4 cable method however the dual/triple have a parallel FX loop - so you will get an odd sounding delay tone etc when you hook the multi fx unit in the loop (this is due to how they send the signal from the multi fx unit) - so unless you modify the loop to a series loop you will always have the draw back of a bleed through noise in the loop (its hard to explain but search series/parallel and there will be heaps of info) - even if you do mod the FX loop there is a very little hint of it still but no where near as much - to describe the sound its like ghosts notes over the delay tone (kinda like a tape delay) it just sounds wrong - no matter where you set the send/ return pots you cant fix it up - so either get a different unit that can go into a parallel loop or mod the loop


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