Switching logic of the Roadster head FC jack

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Switching logic of the Roadster head FC jack

Post by Clipfishcarsten » Tue Dec 06, 2016 9:49 am

Hi everyone.

Recently I got my hands on a Mesa Roadster head. I had a bunch of different rack gear throughout the last years which I always controlled via my Yamaha MFC10 midi switcher, and being used to the comfort of having "one floorboard for everything", I wanted to integrate the Roadster into a "semi-DIY"-setup with a programmable 19" midi switcher DIY kit + a G major 2.

With the midi controller I got 8 programmable switching outputs, and instead of soldering together a huge 8x1/4" cable whip I wanted to use the floorboard input of the roadster to control everything with a small and neat 7-pin midi cable.

But, as the Roadster only has a 7-pin connector (+shield), I was wondering how exactly the switching logic of the FC jack works.

The 4 latching switches for Loop/Solo/Reverb/Tuner Mute are easy to figure out, but that leaves only 3 pins for the 4 channels to switch. I was imagining sth. like:

000 Ch.1
00X Ch.2
0X0 Ch.3
X00 Ch.4

With all the 7 pins switching from/to shield.

The road king II has the same issue (9 switches on the FC, 8-pin connector) so I think it should be somewhat similar there.

Does anybody have further information on that?

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