Cabclone with in ear monitors question

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Cabclone with in ear monitors question

Post by DodsonLP » Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:20 pm

I have a question about tone and in ear monitors. Our Church system uses an Aviom system for monitoring of instruments. In the usual attempt to cut down on stage volume all the guitars go direct in some sort of way. I have opted to use a tube amp (in most cases a Fargen miniplex) and a Mesa Cabclone to go direct to the board and Sure 315 ear buds. I am new to in ear monitoring and I have done the direct thing before but prefer to use an amp with a cabinet. My first impression was that the tone I hear in the in ears is terrible. Is this what is coming through the PA? Are the earbuds giving me a more accurate reproduction of the amp tone? I plugged the ear buds into the cabclone and adjusted to some good tones that way. I hope that is a good fix for the circumstances. I would love to hear about any similar experiences and how you solved the issue.

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Re: Cabclone with in ear monitors question

Post by cyber104 » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:59 am

I understand your situation as I also play in a worship band, with a single rectifier, 315's and an Aviom. Luckily I am able to mic my cabinet - although sometimes I can't have the amp onstage and it sits off stage in a closet. Either way not having your amp and cabinet onstage is challenging.

If you run the ear buds from the Aviom - you are getting the EQ mix from the board - so if it doesn't sound good in the 315's it probably doesn't sound very good to the mains and FOH either. The cab clone is giving you a better idea of what your amp is sending to the board - what happens to your signal after that - only the sound guy knows.

I feel like the 315's provide pretty accurate sound.

I know my response may not have helped your situation - but I hope it answered your question.

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Re: Cabclone with in ear monitors question

Post by BlakemoreMusic » Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:45 am

There is a definite learning curve hearing your moved cab so isolated in your ears vs the amp in a room sound. The cab clone and other cab sims have an even more forward sound than a mixed cab, which will take some getting used to

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