Looking for assistance HD500 Road King I 4cm

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Looking for assistance HD500 Road King I 4cm

Post by Direttafis » Mon May 23, 2016 1:23 pm


So I had an amp blow a cap on me and needed an emergency replacement, thought I would try out the Mesa Boogie Road King Series 1.

I am trying to hook up my HD500x to it using the 4 cable method and having no good luck with it... just killing the amps tone.... I thought about running the HD500 in only the effect loop but I really want to pop something in front to tighten the amp up. It sounds like it has great potential but just not really impressed so far. Coming from a Line 6 DT50 and I thought this Mesa would run circles around it.

I have already read a few other guides on it, gone through setting, doing what I can... The problem is I am in a bit of a rush. This is what I do and I need to be running ASAP, so in hopes of finding a quick hand with it or a pointer to someone that is running this amp and this pedal that would be great!! Looking for all the setup settings on the amps loop and in the pod's settings.

It has two effect loops, series and parallel, not sure which to use....

All of that jazz... I do not plan on using the HD500's models, only effects such as a screamer, fuzz, wah, octave in front, post EQ, chorus, delay in back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated... As I said sorry if this has been covered and please point me that way if this specific amp and pedal have already been discussed to resolution, just happen to be in one heck of a hurry.

Thank you

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