Boss ES-8 Switcher

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Boss ES-8 Switcher

Post by dlpasco » Thu Aug 13, 2015 1:24 pm

I picked up a Boss ES-8 yesterday and so far I am in love with it.

My guitar rig consists of my Mark III and my Multiwatt Rectifier - I am able to run the two amps in stereo and pick which one will operate as master and which will be slaved. So far I've set up the following patches and they work great:

Patch 1: Wet Recto clean (I use this because the settings that make R2 and Lead on the Mark III sound great sort of muck with the clean tones)
Patch 2: Dry Mark III R2
Patch 3: Wet Mark III R2
Patch 4: Wet Mark III Lead
Patch 5: Dry Recto Vintage
Patch 6: Wet Recto Vintage
Patch 7: Dry Mark III lead and Dry Recto Vintage, in parallel
Patch 8: Dry Recto Modern

My friend Alex Vollmer posted his own review of the ES-8 here and it's a good read:
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Re: Boss ES-8 Switcher

Post by J200george » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:37 am

Having just splurged on one for myself I have to say I am hugely impressed by this rig.

I am running it via the 4 cable method and my Lonestar Special sounds even better than normal with my effects no longer daisy chained.

You can select those effects (patches) you want to go via the effects loop and those direct into the amp.

Still programming my bands set list in, but already have it working successfully with an eventide H9, so sending midi to select the correct algorithm.

If anyone else decides to go this route,.be warned you will also have to sink a good amount of cash on some patch leads.... (solderless take up less room) or you can make up your own much cheaper but I would recommend getting the smallest connectors you can to make it neat.

Great fun all in, looking forward to using it in anger at the weekend.

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Re: Boss ES-8 Switcher

Post by J200george » Tue Feb 09, 2016 6:21 am

I am in the similar position as yourself. I splurged on the Es-8 to go with my LSS.

I have connected via the four cable method also.

Can I ask however is it normal with the volume loop the V in the loop in/out screen NOT selected to get no reverb?

I posted in the es8 and es5 Facebook forum but need someone with the same amp and set up to so firm. :roll:

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