Two Channel Dual Rectifier Footswitch Help

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Two Channel Dual Rectifier Footswitch Help

Post by shaggyshark » Tue May 10, 2022 12:40 pm

I recently purchased a Rev G Dual Rectifier, but it did not come with the footswitch. I'm a little confused by the setup, there's a single footswitch plug in the front, but also two on the back divided into fx/loop and channel. The two footswitches I have don't work when plugged into any of these. It seems Mesa doesn't make the exact two button footswitch for this any more so I was wondering what my options were as for something that could do the channel switching and the loop control. I also build guitar pedals so if someone has a diagram or could just take a picture of the inside of theirs that would be helpful.

Would any of these work?

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