Triaxis not responding to Program Change!

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Triaxis not responding to Program Change!

Post by r33per » Sun Apr 29, 2018 2:36 pm

So my gear has been in the same location for about 4 weeks, no-one else touches it, and has been working fine until this morning. Rocked up today, powered up and found that the Triaxis was not moving presets in the usual fashion with my MIDI controller. So, first thing - here's the MIDI path:

VL GCP Out -> Triaxis In -> Triaxis Thru -> TC1128 In -> TC1128 Out -> TC Gmajor-2 In

Both TC boxes still recieve the PC message and change accordingly, but not the Triaxis. I've also hooked up the laptop and the Triaxis PC Software: MIDI Out sends all the patches correctly to the software, but PC messages from the software or patch uploads to the Triaxis MIDI In do not take effect.

Also, just to clarify, no audio issues. Just the MIDI PC Preset changes.aC

Anyone had this issue before and know the next steps?

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