Triaxis fx loop or cascade for multifx ?

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Triaxis fx loop or cascade for multifx ?

Post by BIG66 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 5:48 pm

Hi everybody. A question...... using one or two multifx with triaxis, is it mandatory to use a line mixer (for parallel routing ) or can I use fx loop in serie ? Or... can I use triaxis output to go into the first multifx, then into the second multifx, then from the last multifx , going into power amp? In a sort of cascade? Please, can you help me?

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Re: Triaxis fx loop or cascade for multifx ?

Post by MesaMad1378 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:57 am

Hi Big66,

You can do it any which way that you wish. You can run them in the FX Loop, is series or parallel through a line mixer. You can run them in series between the Triaxis and your power amp. You can run them parallel through a line mixer between the Triaxis and the power amp. It’s up to you and your ears which you think sounds better.

I run my G Major 2 between the preamp and power Amps. I use a Sound Sculpture Switchblade 16 to do my mixing/routing. I run some presets out of the FX Loop of the Triaxis and some out of the main out. Some sound better either way. It’s up to you and your preference. Try one in the Loop and one after. You may like that.

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