Multiple preamps-What power amp?

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Multiple preamps-What power amp?

Post by psihiatros » Wed Sep 27, 2017 4:36 am

Hei my fellow musicians,
Please take your time while you read this, as this is a somewhat big post but really important to me.

Im building a rack system based on versatility of sounds and good tube sound at low volumes.

I have a studio pre (cleans), an egnater/rocktron ie4 (in between and marshall sounds) and a mesa recto pre for my main rythm distortion sound. If the recto pre start causing problems with this project will possibly be replaced with another studio pre set for dist. or a quad or an engl 570.
But I would really like to keep it, as i really love the recto type of sound.
For cabs will have 2x thieles.

Now, the big problem is the power amp. It has to be a tube stereo poweramp that:

1) can work equally well with the Rocktron/Egnater ie4 AND Recto pre.
I don't worry about the studio or quad pre, as these er versatile enough with whatever poweramp. Not sure about the quad though, cause it seems to be very tight.

2) has usable volume taper and have resonanse controls as opposed to mesa poweramps with only presence switch and a volume taper that goes from nothing to deafness and nothing usable in between.

3) have a little "sag" (just a little bit) and not overly tight like a vht 2:90 or recto on diodes.

Now, i had a peavey classic 50/50 in the past, that had a sweet sound but i dont know if it can be paired well with the recto pre.
I had a marshall 9100 paired with a quad pre and the sound was completely uninspiring as the sound was way too tight for me (i only played through the 2nd ch of the quad, but still..)

What are your suggestions for a poweramp, having in mind all of the above?

Thanx, Chris
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Re: Multiple preamps-What power amp?

Post by talltxguy » Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:55 pm

The cheapest power amp I've seen with tube rectifiers is sold by Frenzel Amps in Texas. I've seen a couple boutique power amps with tube rectifiers from some boutique shops but they were out of my price range. Never heard of tube rectifiers on any mass-produced guitar power amp. An alternative approach to getting some sag is to not worry about tube rectifiers but have cathode bias put on the amp. It's one of my favorite mods!
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