Triaxis bug

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Triaxis bug

Post by tonio777 » Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:54 pm


I'm new here.

I have a problem with a triaxis I recently bought used, year 1999, v2.0 phat.

Let's say I'm editing an overdriven tone, when I tweak parameters (any parameter on any mode) and I hit approx. the 5 or 9 value (either up or down) sound suddenly goes off.

I turn greatly the volume up, and all I can hear is a very low clean sound.

I have to save the setting I'm working on with enter and press exit to get the signal/sound I was working on, back.

On a side note the loop switch button doesn't have any effect, loop leds are stuck red in line, no
combination change upon pressing of the button, the leds light intensity even
varies when I tweak any parameter on the front panel; maybe there's a link to the problem here?

That's a pity cause apart from that sound is killer!

Help would be greatly appreciated if you have any clue.



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