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Triaxis channel quiet

Posted: Sat Aug 19, 2017 4:41 pm
by bettsaj
I have my Triaxis rigged up with a Randal power amp. i have my G-Force going through the Triaxis fx loop, and there starts the issue.

With the fx loop engaged one channel is quieter than the other. It's significant enough to cause me to think there's something wrong. Could changing tube V5 maybe help? Could this indicate that the tubes need replacing?

I bought the Triaxis used, and when i use my G-Force in series with the Triaxis, i.e i wire the G-Force after the Triaxis in the signal chain it works and sounds excellent. i want to use the fx loop as I have a boost pedal that I want to use before the triaxis and if i leave the G-Force in series the output level of the power boost pedal slams the G-Force too much causing the input levels to overload. putting the G-Force in the fx loop seems to be the only solution.... that's when i discovered the issue with the volume issue.

Re: Triaxis channel quiet

Posted: Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:36 am
by bettsaj
I've swapped some tubes around with no significant change at all in the volume of channel A.

I have however noticed something odd. The stacked output knob that controls both channels A & B seems to be a bit iffy. let me explain.

When I turn the smaller knob for channel B the volume increases and decreases as is expected. However when I turn the knob for channel A, the volume goes from nothing, to a particular volume level but doesn't go any further.... as if the wiper on the knob is not turning fully around on the track. Maybe I need to just replace the volume knob which isn't expensive (about £12 or $15). However it seems to work when wired in series and not through the loop.

any thoughts or ideas?