Mesa Boogie Stereo Power Amp 2:100 Tube Issue

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Mesa Boogie Stereo Power Amp 2:100 Tube Issue

Post by JasonFuzz » Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:46 pm

Dear Boogie Board,

A while ago, i powered up my Guitar rack, and sounds very strange to me..
I mean... my Mesa 2:100 is connected to 2 Marshall 1960 Cabs. Channel A(Left Cabinet) - Speaker 4 Ohm Input goes To 4 Output on Marshall,
and also to Channel B (Right Cabinet) - Speaker 4Ohm Input Goes To the other cab..

now i searched a lot on the internet... But I went crazy on it..

The Problem is.... When i power up my rack.. there's no problem on my channel B Volume (of the mesa 2:100)
it stands on 2/10 (7'o clock) for volume.. and sounds very great to my Right cabinet

but on my Left Cabinet, i need to pull it on 7/10 (2'o clock) to hear the sound.. BUT very Minimized...

is here on this forum that someone that can help me with it.. to know whitch tube it is..
Couldt it be an Pre Amp Tube Problem??

i really went crazy on it.

hope someone can help me out with it Much Appriciate!!!!!

Jason Fuzz

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