New here, Have owned my quad for a few years.

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New here, Have owned my quad for a few years.

Post by Lokair » Fri Nov 06, 2015 9:51 am

Ok I am new here, but been playing for a about 20 some years.

Just now rediscovering my Quad, its been racked with a korg tuner and TubeWorks B.K Butler Provalve (50 watts a side 6l6 power amp). In to 2 2x12s vertical cabs one mesa recto and one custom designed by me and built by LOPO, and I use a few pedals mostly wah and a tube driver.
I am making time to get this rig set up for gigging and recording.
I say that this combo is ideal for me, as right now I am working on Heavy rock songs ranging from late 70s to modern and GothaMetal from the 90s to the early 2000s
I may start a hard core, progressive band leaning into symphonic metal and I cannot say enuff good about the Quad it was hard getting down how the controls worked but once you navigate that your set, and I was lucky to get one late enuff in production (9/90) to get the FU-2A but with no Midi so both re-verb tanks.

I used this forum when I bought my quad to look what to buy and the quad edged out the studio just on options and then I waited till I found one with the right options.

Just an introduction

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Re: New here, Have owned my quad for a few years.

Post by jediguitarist » Fri Nov 20, 2015 7:25 pm

The Quad was the first Boogie I owned. Bought it 20 years ago used and had a pretty lengthy relationship playing original music. Recently, I pulled it out of storage after 15+ years and am really thinking of bringing out again. I've been playing in cover bands for 15 years using a original 5150 combo and Mark IV.

If I could get my hands on a Mesa 20/20 power amp, I would use the quad for my multi-weekly gigs. Mine is from 89 and got lucky finding a footswitch on Ebay..

Welcome to the board

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Re: New here, Have owned my quad for a few years.

Post by Lokair » Tue Dec 01, 2015 12:23 pm

Thanks Jedi for the welcome,
this board seems to be slower then when I bought my quad in 09. I lurked just to find info back then.

I really like my quad, I didn't like it thru a 90/90(volume control and seemed to impossible to get power tube break up). I tried a 20/20 for a day, never really got into it much. I found the ProValve to be the answer(its now giving me problems on the B channel, seems like the gain pot). It has three controls on the front Gain , Presence and Power out. I set the gain to control power valve break up , the presence is like final tone control , and power out is last volume. Use of all three I set to the room at check in and then use the Quad to control volume at the out put controls. This varies between A and B as my cabinets are also tone controls, Mesa 2x12 recto vert is medium high and my custom built LOPO is mid bass , so if a room needs a bit more of one or the other its there. For smaller rooms I just use the LOPO cabinet and A side and adjust the presence a bit.

Am tempted to sell the whole rig and buy a mesa Mark V(either the 90 or the 35). Just to drop the weight.

The Mesa has a steep learning curve for people who try to use it with no prior mesa experience(which was my case) it was a load of work to get the tones I liked out of it. And I still mess up the settings while looking to fine tune on occasion.

My wish is for channel 2 to a bit more refined but as is its growing on me.


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