Buying Triaxis?

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Buying Triaxis?

Post by tommy4334 » Thu Oct 22, 2015 12:26 am

Hello Boogie users!

I had a pretty good offer for Mesa triaxis v2 (no fat mode). Currently I have Marshall JVM which I could use as a power amp till a get another one. I play rock, metal, from 80's to modern stuff.

Few questions for you:

1) I know that 2:90 simul class power amp is designed specifically for Triaxis. However, have you any experience of other power amps, such as VHT 2/50/2 or just some other head/combo's power amp, such as my JVM. Is this 2:90 really a must have, because it's just so f****n expensive.

2) If I understand correctly, most of the sound comes from preamp and the power section just does some coloration. This true? Also have read somewhere, that 2:90 has a bit darker sound and VHT could be more aggressive. Any comments on this?

3) I do some home recording also and this far I've succeeded pretty well with my JVM --> interface --> Torpedo WoS III. Has anyone experience with Triaxis and WoS?

Grateful for any help. Thx!

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Re: Buying Triaxis?

Post by JMMP » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:07 am

Hi Tommy,

My thoughts on the TriAxis with a 2/50/2: absolutely amazing! It doesn't sound exactly like any other mesa. It is very aggressive, and very musical. I have just purchased a 2:Ninety that I need to recondition, so when that project is finished, I will be able to speak more on the comparison between the two, however I have a feeling that the 2:Ninety will be going into my huge rack with the quad and formula preamp, and the 2/50/2 will move to the 4u TriAxis rack.

I will say this: my first TriAxis felt compressed and just didn't sound great overall. It was a very new model. My current Tri is a version 1.0, and sounds incredible, and I would say that difference means more to my ears than the color of either power amp.
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Re: Buying Triaxis?

Post by LuizPauloDT » Thu Oct 22, 2015 11:27 am


1) I've used the TriAxis succesfully with Mesa Mark V power section (apparently it is very similar to the 2:90), with the Roadking 2 power and with the Mesa 20:20.
All of them sounded different IMO.
The 20:20 sounds very dark and liquid to my ears.
With the mark V it sounded amazing! Brighter on CH1 and darker on CH2 and brutal on CH3 @extreme mode.
With the Road King I'd say it sounds freaking amazing and B R U T A L @CH4, modern mode. :twisted:

2) IMO the tone essence comes from the preamp, but the sagness, headroom, depth, punchness and body comes from the power amp paired with a good speaker cabinet with correctly matched impedance. IMO this makes a BIG difference.

3) I've used the TriAxis with Two Notes P1-101 Modern Plugin The result was pretty good for direct recording (using the power amp emulation)
Here there's one recording (right channel is a TriAxis V1)

Hope it helps you in your decision!

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