[Triaxis] Buttons don't respond

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[Triaxis] Buttons don't respond

Post by comp » Thu May 21, 2015 6:46 am


I have Triaxis + 2:90 rig and experience two problems:
1. All the buttons on Triaxis don't respond. The only thing that works is the volume knob.
However, the MIDI Footswitch works fine and I'm able to switch presets. But I can't adjust them manually because none of the buttons work.
I have the system wired according to the Scheme 1 in the manual.
I tried to disconnect all the cables (except power), but the buttons still don't respond. The FX Loop light is lit even though all the cables are disconnected.

2. Another problem:
The volume is dropped by 60-80% after 10-15 minutes of playing. So that you start with the loud guitar and in 10 minutes the volume suddenly decreases.

Any ideas how to fix 1 and 2?

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Re: [Triaxis] Buttons don't respond

Post by a2dconverter » Fri May 22, 2015 7:33 am

Greetings comp

both problems may be related, but, the button problem is most likely a mechanical problem around the button membrane switch and the level drop is probably a failing LDR or tube.

If you have access to open the Triaxis, you will see where the front membrane switch connects to the circuit board...I don't have a picture of that, but, here's a pic of a defective membrane switch showing part of the blue connector that might have been dislodged.


otherwise, unfortunately, it sounds like your Triaxis will need a visit with MESA techs.

I hope this helps



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Re: [Triaxis] Buttons don't respond

Post by Ricotjuh » Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:46 am

A late response, but I also have the same problem.
I was able to take over a Triaxis with the following problem:
The display does not respond to the buttons. So all parameters remain unchanged when one of the buttons is pressed.
As far as I have tested, the Triaxis also does not respond to my midi signals from my Kitty Hawk foot controller. But I don't know if this is related to each other.
But what I want to start with is to get the buttons on the front panel working again.
Has anyone experienced this before? Because is it the buttons that do not work or is it possible that the display does not refresh? I would like to hear your findings.

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