Triaxis noise floor issue solved. Time for New Tubes.

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Triaxis noise floor issue solved. Time for New Tubes.

Post by slybird » Thu May 07, 2015 4:25 am

I was having a high noise floor on Rhythm Green Mode. Just as an experiment I switched V2 and V3 tube position. This solved my noise floor issue. The noise or hiss is drastically reduced, but not entirely eliminated. The bad sounds, though not in the clean channels, are now switched to the Lead Green and Yellow channels.

This has me facing the fact that it is time for new tubes. I'm still using the tubes that were installed when I purchased the unit.

Tube options I am considering:

1. 5 Mesa 12ax7
2. 5 Mesa SPax7
3. Eurotube Triaxis High Gain Low Output Option set.
4. Just purchase two Mesa tubes. Replace bad tube and have an extra for backup.

Opinions or other options to think about?


Edit: I hardly ever use Lead 2 channels. I'm about to change the V2 and V4 tube positions. (Tube originally in V3 will have moved to the V4 position.) I think if that is the bad tube then I will only have the bad tube in Lead 2 channels, correct?

Edit 2: the tube position swaps have made Lead 1 channels dead quiet with guitar volume rolled off. Noise floor on Rhythm 1, gain 0, stands out as loud now, but much quieter than when I started.

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