TriAxis metal users - gain level poll

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TriAxis metal users - gain level poll

Post by Jackie » Sat Apr 04, 2015 5:46 pm

As per the title - I'm interested where you guys have your Gain/LD Drive set and what style of music you play.

For example, I play rhythm in a thrash (sorta) band and my Gain is set to 7.5 and LD on 6.0 using EMG or BKP Nailbomb pickups. LD2 Orange. For leads, I have 7.5 both, LD2 Green.

P.S.: I wanted to make an actual poll but I wanted to know both Gain and LD levels, and that yields too many options to choose from
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Re: TriAxis metal users - gain level poll

Post by Triaxstasy » Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:23 am

We do a lot of Covers...80s Hair, Queensryche, Megadeth, 'tallica, DT,....
Rhythm is LD2 Green Gain 8.0, Drive 6.5, 2:90 on Modern
Leads is LD2 Yellow Gain 9.0, Drive 9.0, 2:90 on Deep & Modern
PUs are DiMarzio CrunchLab Bridge and either AirNortonS or Liquifire Neck.

Our other guitarplayer plays an Engl Savage SE (E660) and our tones/sounds complement each other perfectly....


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