New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by Typhon » Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:31 pm

MesaGod666 wrote: 1. I would like to purchase an EL34 version of the 2:Ninety.
The Class A part of the 2:Ninety can operate with EL34, E34L or KT77 tubes without any mods.

I'd certainly enjoy a new TriAxis 2 like most of you. :D

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by Littleb » Tue Feb 28, 2012 12:38 am

denrad wrote:Hey all,

I believe the successor to the Triaxis may be called the "Transaxis" (if going by Mesa Boogie trademarking this name is any indication, as discussed in previous posts...)

I have a feeling that they may be working on it right now. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I'd love if it was announced at NAMM next year.

I'll chip in and put across some ideas for the new preamp (if it's not too late that is!!!!) Some of these are already mentioned by others:

* Knobs - similar to the motorised knobs to that of the Soldano X99 Preamp.

* Motorised EQ knobs. :D :D DENRAD, Your suggestions are well worth every penny, and all can be 100% realistic by todays standards, despite amp modelers..Here's my 2 coin,
1rst of all I do session work in major recording studios,all jacked to the hilt w/ pro tools,amp rack11,axe fx,pods,speaker attenuators- you name it- Ive done a session on it...its really nothing that great to brag about...the modelers are NOT there yet, and may never be especially if great tube amp manufacturers continue to build amps..Thats the nature of the beast...Ive noticed thru all my years that I cant recall, even one time that a tube amp tried to immitate a solid state amp or model of its same kind, its always solid state trying immitate tube for thought...weve had many coffees and late night raps about that one...Back to the boogie rack ideas.
Your poweramp idea would great, and its not in any way overkill,why?, heres why,
If youve ever played a Mesa MKIII coli180 watt, or Diezel herbert 180 watt, even the current Black star 200 watt, and give it a fair demo ,it'll soon become apparent that the 180-200 watt moniker it carries is not purposed to slay dragons and scare off little kids and blow the acne off the first 5 rows of teens at the latest rock concert.There is however, an undescribable, 3 dimensional,urgent,fast attack youll feel from the amp that is not attainable in any other way, unless your channeling from some other world,or device..Ive seen this probably 75% of the time w/ clients in the studio....They come in, run immediately over to the pod,try it, then axe fx,try it,then the 11 rack,even a pod thru a tube mic pre into 2'' studer tape...Theyre loving it,thinkin its pretty cool tone..Then they usually get curious as to what all those amp heads and rack gear sitting on the other side of the studio is all about..So we run them thru a friedman modded jcm 2203, then a mkIII coli, maybe even a Badcat or Bogner, perhaps a Bogner fish, or quad preamp....8 times of out 10,they cant put the amps and rack pre's down and they end up going to tape w/ those and using the "modelers" for mere convience only.We see it all the time....moral of the story; 6 power tubes a side isnt for "paint peeling" as much as it is for tone and feel...2nd moral of the story;modelers will always have thier place,but theyll not likely re-place tube amps anytime in the near century...I also have just as many low wattage amps as I do 100 watters- they all have thier place,but they all get used- regularly.There are new rack pres comin out in the future- Diezel is working on one right now,and I know of a few others too, so it would be a smart marketing move, not a dumb one, for Mesa to step up the action...theres probably no wrong suggestions and ideas on this thread- they are just ideas.. :D :D

* No compromise in tone or features ( I was disappointed with the omission of certain switches/knobs (e.g: Pull Deep) on the Mark V. Don't get me wrong, technically this amp was quite an achievement. I thought the Cleans and the Crunch channels/modes were awesome. But I couldn't replicate my settings and tones of my Mark 2C+'s on the Lead channel, like I could with the Triaxis. To my ears, the Mark 2C+ mode of the Triaxis sounds closer to the 2C+ than the Mark V does. I felt restricted on the lead channel of the Mark V.

* An expansion on the available modes. Going by the name of Transaxis (assuming this is the name), I think we could expect they will implement the recent developments achieved with the Transatlantic series of amps. New Modes for VOX and Marshall (Plexi) in addition to the current Fender and Boogie Modes would be awesome! But I hope it doesn't emit certain features such as the lack of A Presence knob as with the Royal Atlantic).

I want this thing to give the Axe FX a run for it's money, as far as the number of amp models are concerned. I know, I know, the Axe FX can't beat tubes for realism and quality, but if the Transaxis were able to have many more Modes available, it'd be killer!

* A tougher interface. I'm sure many of us have come across many used Triaxis' that had flaws with the face of the unit (buttons, digital no's). I think having motorised knobs or another similar idea should overcome this.

* I wouldn't mind if it "HAD" to be 2 backspaces high, as this would be a small price to pay for more features.

Additional Power Amp features (to the successor of the Simul 2:90):

These may be unrealistic or overkill, but here goes:

* Now, how can they achieve a power amp that can cater for 8 x 6L6 + 8 x EL34 and other possible tubes, without switching them out is maybe wishful thinking! But they did achieve this to some extent with the Road King. I thought the voicing of the Crunch channels via the 6L6's on the Mark V was quite an achievement. So maybe they don't need to cater for sixteen :shock: power tube sockets on the successor of the Simul 290 power amp, if they voice the British modes on the Transaxis & the power amp right for 6L6's.

* At least having the option of using 6L6's or EL34's in the same sockets would be cool.

* The power amp may need to close in on the attack that is felt to that of a head (if it hasn't been achieved already with the Simul 2:90). I haven't played through a 2:90, so I don't know... maybe others can chime in here, correct me if I'm wrong!.....When running my Triaxis through the Return input of the FX loop of my 2C+, I felt it wasn't as tight as the 2C+ going by itself with the identical settings (minus the 2C+'s EQ) through the same speakers. Otherwise it did "sound" identical to me. It just felt slower and not as urgent in the attack compared to the 2C+ by itself when doing a certain type of percussive chugging on the low strings. I hope this makes sense!

* If Mesa Boogie feels the need to use a smaller coupling capacitor for the Mark 2C+ mode (as they did with the 2C+ mode of the Mark V), then please allow for the larger value coupling capacitor to also be available to be switched whatever mode is being used.

* And finally, built-in attenuator/s in the power amp would obviously be beneficial.

What do you guys think? :D
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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by MesaGod666 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 8:44 am

2 channel Mark V short head that can be racked would be killer. Just chan 1 and 3.
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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by [Beast] » Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:57 pm

Mesa Quad with MIDI and a boost.

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by nomad100hd » Tue Jul 03, 2012 12:09 am

check out the MTS module tube amp stuff, designed by Egnator, Randall licensed it for a while. If you want versatility and all tube here you go. Example my RM100 has midi, holds 3 models, i can mix power tubes in the power amp 6v6 to KT88. They have a rack preamp that holds 4 modules each modules with 2 sounds, if you find the Egnator version. The Randal rack power amp lets you choose between 2 sets of tube with midi, and you can put any octal tube in it from 6v6 to KT88. Only reason they have not taken off is poor marketing.
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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by bjoneill74 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 11:10 am

Transaxis could be interesting..

That would suggest the Trans line of amps.
I'd like to see them do one with the Mark V (channel 1,2 and 3), TA/RA, put the recto back in.
It would have to retain the original triaxis MK 2C+ though.

Perhaps the lonestar circuit.
All midi controllable and for petes sake.. programmable eq.. not just preset slider curves.
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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by prsrose » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:57 pm

20/20 dynawatt with 'half power'/10 watt switchable similar to 'mini rectifier'...
I need a low power stereo poweramp for my triaxis...

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by Cadavre » Thu Sep 13, 2012 4:37 am

MesaGod666 wrote:1. I would like to purchase an EL34 version of the 2:Ninety.
What would be the advantage to powering with El34s? (dunno anything bout this stuff, so patience appreciated), some posters at ]huge racks look to have sorted enough of the issues to 50/50 bar the power valves with 2 x EL34 + 2 x 6L6 arrays for A and B ...
( .. images courtesy Huge Racks Inc and EuroTubes
... member reading that ticketed MB service providers do slam solder and ceramic to accommodate bias for EL34.
MesaGod666 wrote:2. I would also like to see an updated Triaxis preamp that has a non-flubby ..
Just 2 + 2-ing this , `member reading multi speaker cabs can have "cancellation" issues. New to to TA/290 - but have some play time and the harmonics are really really "rich". Never heard nuthing like it - evun at low volumes - w/o any effects. And, when it get cranked, the volume chane - but the tone remain the same..
MesaGod666 wrote:3. It would be cool to have MIDI features on the Mesa Mark V head. It would be awesome ...
Do you mean midi switching or midi tones?
MesaGod666 wrote:4. It would be freakin awesome to have a Mesa Cab amp simulator/load box like the Palmer PDI-03 or PDI-09. Oh man...
Would a transistor amp with the same digital tone shaping loop sound any different with a TA piped through a similar loop?

Some ideas, One problem is stereo analog rack and stomp effects are just like the TA, mono input. Never figured out why the TA (a stereo machine) limits input to a mono TS connection, Most of the analog stereo effects are same. Asked an MB twch about "Y" chording FX send as well as both FX returns. He said there is no problem with the "path", but that "you" should get effects with stereo inputs (wanted to say "why don't we start with the TA).

Guess I need to build a 1 in 3 A/B box / effect with 2 A/B FX return outs "box".

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by boss4 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 4:37 am

Mini Recto 2u rack size!
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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by grindgod » Thu Dec 27, 2012 1:28 pm

Triple "ractifier" with kt88s. Seems like everyone uses silicone rectifiers anyways so replace rectifer tubes with powertubes. Alternately kt77s sound good too. At least in my dual ractifier they do. :D

Good deals with nr2012

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by robertkoa » Tue Mar 12, 2013 1:09 pm

Some cool creative suggestions on here.

One thing we forget about when suggesting is retail price points.

Would the Marketplace support, buy a Tube Preamp that costs over $2000. in sufficient numbers ?

A Triaxis 2 especially featuring some of the

British voicings in with the Mark Series Tones would be great but if it gets too high in price, might be a limited

number of Sales.

A Mini Recto type Preamp which has all four voicings of the Mini,.footswitchable for LIVE and also Recording features , at about $1000. or less could be popular IMO.

Run LIVE into Power Amp or the EFX return of an AMP, with a 4 button footswitch it would be more versatile than the Mini Recto.

For RECORDING and SILENT RECORDING the outputs could go to SPEAKER IRs in the DAW AND simultaneously, if desired feed a power amp for micing.

If any of you have used a GUITAR TUBE PREAMP into various Cab IRs for recording, you know that you get

a lot of the versatility of Modelers this way but since you're starting with real tube harmonics it's very real right out of the box.

Using the Mini Rec Preamp as a Starting Point Mesa would not have to reinvent the wheel and there's definitely a Market for the Recording part of this at less than 1000. I doubt if any modelers could hang with the Tones.

If they could sneak in a little Transatlantic on one voicing switch, even better.

But the 4 different channels/ranges of the Mini would go pretty far especially if footswitchable don't you guys think ? OK add a BRITISH switch .......

Can MESA do it for 800 to 1000 and who would want it ?

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by Dewdman42 » Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:11 pm

MesaGod666 wrote: 4. It would be freakin awesome to have a Mesa Cab amp simulator/load box like the Palmer PDI-03 or PDI-09. Oh man...if the quality and tone is there then this would be awesome and would be a multi-million dollar moneymaker. I'm sure the boys at boogie could find a way to throw a tube or two in there (I have no idea how these devices work...all I know is that these devices sound amazing running from my rig into the PA or into my IEMs).
Check out the Radial JDX. It sounds AWESOME! I'm not sure MB really needs to duplicate what the Palmer or JDX do, but it would be cool if they built that kind of technology into their amps so that the direct outs had that, particular the technology that is in the JDX.

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by Anomaly » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:20 pm

nomad100hd wrote:check out the MTS module tube amp stuff, designed by Egnator, Randall licensed it for a while. If you want versatility and all tube here you go. Example my RM100 has midi, holds 3 models, i can mix power tubes in the power amp 6v6 to KT88. They have a rack preamp that holds 4 modules each modules with 2 sounds, if you find the Egnator version. The Randal rack power amp lets you choose between 2 sets of tube with midi, and you can put any octal tube in it from 6v6 to KT88. Only reason they have not taken off is poor marketing.

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by eet fuk » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:44 pm

It would be nice to see the Mesa guys totally explore and conquer the whole rack vs head thing.

The split power supply issue could be solved with a single power supply. They've already discovered the whole capacitance/reactance thing with placement and lead dress (or whatever it is with the "magic" sounding heads vs the flat ones of the same model - check out that youtube video of it). They could solve the flat rack sound and give us back the rack. Or at least the intended purpose of the rack - versatility and control.

But they would have to conquer built-in fx and not lose feel, or at least very little. How many have been in bliss with their roadster only to find that their TC G system robs their tone? - then discover the fx bypass knob on the amp. Mesa would really have to explore the infamous flat fx loop. I have faith in them, though, they could if they really wanted to. Just time. Revolution. Only H&K seems to have addressed tube amps with built-in fx, but not everyone seems big on it, but with their solid state clipping circuits it's no wonder. Not a bag on H&K at all, btw, I've yet to experience their all-in-ones. Just addressing the sales issue.

Mesa could do it in steps:

1. Start simple with an all-in-one somewhat stripped down two ch recto, a switchable pre-preamp send/s for the OD pedal, couple o switches for different gain modes, minimal built-in fx with some switches, midi (but with minimal switching provisions for the non-midi-inclined), mono-to-stereo 50w and 100w. If it sounds really good and feels good, it would be a game changer.

2. The following year, after enormous success, implement switchable pre-preamp fx (front end pedal fx), more programmable modal and fx types and switching capabilities, throw in more goodies like dual rectifiers, bold/spongy, ect. Again, everyone would start saying, "yeah, I don't need anything else, not even pedals, it's just guitar, cord, amp.

3. After even more success, do a kitchen sink model.

4. Mk VI kitchen sink anniversary version.

Rackmount or not, it would be all that the rack wants to be, with all the sound and feel intact.

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Re: New Mesa/Boogie Rack Product Ideas

Post by HRGplayer » Fri Nov 01, 2013 1:05 pm

Whoopysnorp wrote:I have never been able to understand why there are so few MONO rackmount power amps on the market.
Great point - I think alot of folks out there, especially now with all the rack modelers, really just want a solid mono tube power amp. MAybe htey think "well, it has to be 2U, so might as well cram two amps in there" lol.

That said, i normally run my Pod HD pro and Mesa 50/50 in stereo, just because i can. My dirt patches are 50/50 - basically mono, but cleans i pan about 75% for phasing and chorus effects

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