Triple Rectifier + Tubescreamer + Solo boost = No headroom... Please Help!!!

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Triple Rectifier + Tubescreamer + Solo boost = No headroom... Please Help!!!

Post by Akaso » Sun Nov 10, 2019 7:27 pm

On tour as a support guitarist competing with another guitarist for volume during leads.
I`m using a triple rectifier (Orange channel-Vintage MODE) going into a Tubescreamer (Infront of the amp) gain-0 eq-5 lvl-5/6 always on to tighten up the bass\flub. The problem is that when I stomp on the boost pedal (In FX Loop) for solos there is no real obvious change in volume even when its cranked to 11....

If I take out the Tubescreamer, the problem is gone but without that tubescreamer the tone is a little too flubby for the type of music these guys are playing. Any ideas to keep the epic tone of a tubescreamer in front of the amp but also be able to boost the volume for leads?


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Re: Triple Rectifier + Tubescreamer + Solo boost = No headroom... Please Help!!!

Post by stephen sawall » Sun Nov 10, 2019 11:17 pm

You can you use turning on and off the effects loop to get different volumes.

You can get as much volume cut or boost as you want with the effects loop method.

Are you using two channels ?
Set the channels similar with two Orange channels.... One set for Rhythm...the other set for Lead.
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Re: Triple Rectifier + Tubescreamer + Solo boost = No headroom... Please Help!!!

Post by Blaklynx » Sun Nov 17, 2019 8:05 am

There's one of 3 ways as described:

Add an EQ in the loop, such as an MXR 10 band.

Adjust EQ with in an upside down V shape, boosting the mids. You may want to cut the bass a little as well to cut through more. Adjust Output Level higher for additional volume. Engage when time for solo.

Watch your Send level from the effects loop. If the Send is too high you'll clip the Input level of your pedals resulting in bad sound. The Send level is also affected by the Channel's Output Volume, so turn it down a little if you have to. To make up volume, use the Master Volume.

Another way to increase volume is to actually decrease volume; it's a paradox, I know... I'll call it a back-to-front volume increase (I don't know what else to call it)

Using an EQ in the loop, turn the Output Level down and keep EQ engaged for your rhythm parts. When you want a volume increase, disengage the EQ pedal to allow the full signal through. You're basically attenuating the volume when playing rhythm.

Same as (2) but since you have a Boost pedal in the loop (I'm assuming it's a full range boost pedal), why not turn its Level down and always engaged for the rhythm parts and disengage it for the solos? Basically you'll be attenuating when the pedal is engaged.

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