Studio .22+ Headphone configuration

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Studio .22+ Headphone configuration

Post by Famous_Person » Wed Dec 03, 2008 6:20 pm

I've got a .22+ that I would like to use headphones with. I read this in the manual about the effects loop:

The Send jack can also be used as a "preamp output" without breaking the signal path that leads to
the .22's power section. If you're using the Send jack for this purpose and you want to hear the .22's
internal speaker, leave the Master turned up. If you don't want to hear the internal speaker, turn the
Master to zero.

So, can I plug in my headphones in the send jack and get sound out with the volume down (i.e. a win-win for me and my neighbors). They hate the thing even on two so . . .

Thanks for the help,

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