Running two 8 ohms cabs on my Tc-50

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Running two 8 ohms cabs on my Tc-50

Post by jf.quevillon » Sun May 26, 2019 6:46 pm

I'm new to this forum and was wondering if any of you have experience with a setup of two 2x12 cab plugged in parralel on a TC-50?

Previously I had a 2x12, in 8 ohms and it sounded pretty lound but I was missing the presence of 4 speakers so O decided to ordered a second one (also in 8ohms)

I just recived it and when plugging the two together, I was surprised on how much less volume I got. I now need, to push the amp master at around 3, 4 o'clock (yeah I know I play loud..) with all my channel volume pretty high already (4,5 o'clock).

I reed that I had to switch the 4ohms since I have two in parallel now. Am I doing something wrong.

I'm considering the TC-100 if I dont have enough power..

What do you guys think?


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Re: Running two 8 ohms cabs on my Tc-50

Post by mace » Mon May 27, 2019 2:16 pm

Two cabs, each 8 ohms, and each plugged into the back of the amp requires that you set the switch to 4 ohms. That is correct. In fact, if you do not run with the switch at 4 ohms with two 8 ohm cabs hooked directly into the amp you could damage the amp.

Not sure why you have a volume drop with that? Have you tried each cab hooked up to the amp one at a time (with 8 ohm switch setting) to see if there is a volume difference?

The TC-100 does have more power and oomph, but in real sound pressure terms you'll have about 3 more dB, which isn't like twice as loud or anything. But, you are pushing the amp pretty hard as it is, so the 100W version could be what you are looking for. Nonetheless, the TC-50 should not be less loud with two cabs.
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Re: Running two 8 ohms cabs on my Tc-50

Post by bandit2013 » Sun Sep 22, 2019 1:43 pm

I had felt the TC-50 when pushing the 4 ohms seemed to tax the amp a bit too much. Since I also have the TC-100 I have done the same without that drop in volume. The TC-100 can handle the two 212 cabs without issue just as much as it can drive two 412. If you need that 412 sound, an 8 ohm 412 may be the way to go. Either that or change the speakers in your cabs from 16 ohm speakers to 8ohm speakers and wire them in series so that will give you 8 ohm total load when running both cabinets. Not much you can do with 16 ohm speakers in a pair (8 ohms in parallel or 32 ohms in series). It may be a better thing to trade up to the TC-100 or look for another TC-50 and opt for a Mesa switch track. You can easily control both amps with one footswitch if you have a midi cable to couple the two together. I have the TC-50 and TC-100 and do just that. It would have cost me less if I opted for another TC-50 but when the TC-100 came out I had to have one.

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Re: Running two 8 ohms cabs on my Tc-50

Post by Monstercastle » Thu Oct 03, 2019 8:26 pm

Could one of the cabs be wired out of phase?
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