Triple Crown vs Electra Dyne

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Triple Crown vs Electra Dyne

Post by Hollis » Sat Jan 06, 2018 6:52 pm

The Electra Dyne has been my go-to, favorite amp for several years now. I've got the 27"1x12 wide body combo. I love it, but it's not perfect. I love the tone, but it's super heavy and the issues of shared eq, etc etc. It looks like one of the TC-50 head and 1x12 cab would cure all my Electra Dyne woes. What say you?
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Re: Triple Crown vs Electra Dyne

Post by J.J » Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:15 am

Hey man, I have both, but went the other way in terms of head vs combo. I have an ED head and the TC combo. The TC combo only weights a little more than the ED head and is certainly easier to move than the ED and 1x12 box or RA100 and 2x12.

Tone wise the TC is my favourite amp. It is certainly very versatile with tone and features. The volume taper is a huge step forward on the ED and low volume tone holds up pretty well. I would say that the TC channels 1 and 2 cover most of the ED space and more. If the ED thundering lows are your thing you may miss that a bit. The TC still has plenty of bass, but not as much as the Ed. With the separate tone controls you can have a fat clean on ch1 and a biting rock crunch on ch2 without flub. 50 Watts is still shockingly loud, I’ve had no problems with clean headroom at outdoor gigs. The foot controller is great a good step up from the ED. I really like being able to switch the reverb without having a second cable and switch like the ED.

You have no doubt heard people compare the ED to the RA to the TC and while I think it is true to say there is heritage there, the tone has certainly evolved. If you’re not expecting the TC to Sound exactly like the ED (and nothing ive played does) then I think the TC could be a great upgrade for you.
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Re: Triple Crown vs Electra Dyne

Post by bandit2013 » Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:22 am

I would personally get the Vertical 212 cab to complement the TC-50. I have tried it with the Wide body 112 cab loaded with MC90, that was okay but I think my opinion is skewed by the Vertical cab. I know the Vert is on the heavy side (70lbs) and weighs a bit more than the RA100 head. The surprise is that it is so manageable to move around with the side handles. Also it has a much smaller footprint than say the horizontal 212 cab. I have compared other cabinets I own with the TC-50, sure the OS Recto 412 sounds great, I still prefer the Vertical 212. Something to consider. Current 112 loaded with V30 that are closed back are very small. The TC-50 will fit on top of either of the two 112 wide body cabs. You may get more out of the closed back front ported cab than the open back version (I have this one). The TC-50 does have its roots from the RA100 but what others say is also similar to the Dyne. The TC does sound great with different speakers than say the RA as that amp seems to favor the V30.

The combo is also an option. If you find the V30 to be a bit fizzy in open back format, you can always upgrade to the Celestion G12H75 Cream Back which is what I loaded into my RA100 combo. Those sounded good with the TC-50 too but the RA100 combo is a 212 format. Since the TC-50 is 50W you may be able to get away with a greenback in the combo.

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