New Owner of a JP-2C, my thoughts

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New Owner of a JP-2C, my thoughts

Post by nathan28 » Mon Nov 11, 2019 4:12 pm

I’ve been playing and recording with Mesa since 2006 when I joined this board, I’ve since owned:
Single rectoverb - sold
Triple rec - sold
Roadking II - still own and I will never get rid of.
Electra dyne - sold, I recorded one track on my debut with it.
Mark V:25- sold - I used it to record several tracks on my album and used it for 4 years.
And now a JP2C.... the first thing I noticed is how easy it is to dial in and the fizzy top end sometimes present in Boogie’s is not in this amp. I love it!!! I get a pop when switching to and from channel 3....other than that this amp sounds and feels perfect..
The JP is a gem....good job boogie!!
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Re: New Owner of a JP-2C, my thoughts

Post by PBGas » Fri Dec 13, 2019 9:09 pm

I absolutely love my new JP-2C. I ended up getting a new one this week. I made a huge mistake selling mine a couple of summers ago. I also picked up a new vertical recto 212. It sounds amazing with this amp.

Going to order a couple of matching custom grills for both for a different look.
This will be my main gigging amp.

Like you, I have owned a bunch of Mesa amps over the years as well.
Several single recto combos
Single recto head
Roadster head
Stiletto ace combo
Mark V combo
Mini rec rack mount head

But this just something very special in comparison to the rest of the line for me at least.
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