Midi Control/Cab Clone/Low Volume

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Midi Control/Cab Clone/Low Volume

Post by BoogieBoek » Sun Apr 21, 2019 2:40 pm

Does anyone use the midi control feature on the JPC2? This is barely covered during any of the demo videos I have seen. Is it easy to use or cumbersome? If you use the midi feature does it map all controls on the amp at once so you can swap from channel 1 clean to channel 1 fat? That would be awesome.

How does this amp compare to the Mark V at low volumes? I have a Mark V, I like it, but I love the idea of being able to midi control the changes and tie that in with a G System or similar.

Would the JP2C pair up nicely with a 1x12 cab, such as 1x12 closed back Mesa?

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Re: Midi Control/Cab Clone/Low Volume

Post by Thaymz » Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:28 pm


I use Midi on the JP as I would assume most would. MIDI in general is cumbersome but from the JP side it's actually quite easy.

The manual goes into great length about how to program. Essentially you have up to 9 midi channels to choose from and the manual details the preset program controls each with different settings on the amp and cc messages to turn on or off individual switchable features. The Midi switchable features are:

- Channel
- EQ 1 / 2
- Shred on / off
- FX Loop on / off
- Reverb (I think)

If you do not have experience with midi would recommend reading the manual on this.

Aside from the presets you can customise pretty easy by flicking that midi switch on the back up twice to change the current midi program to your current settings. The part that would be cumbersome is programming your foot controller depending on which one it is and whether they have a decent program for computer for programming.

I'm not sure what you mean by channel 1 fat on the JP? The JP Channel 1 has no voicing switch like the V so Channel 1 is just channel 1. Note none of the pull pots, cab clone settings or 60/100 power settings are midi switchable.

Both amps are great at low volume since the distortion is primarily in the preamp. Benefit to the V is that it has the overall amp master whereas you have only the 3 channel masters so if you're changing volumes regularly you'd need to adjust all 3.

I can't speak for the closed back 1x12s but I use my c+ with a 1x12 combo EV speaker which sounds great and from what I understand JP uses Mesa rectifier 1x12s in studio and on stage for monitoring and feedback so can assume they pair well. Being a short head, I think the JP fits nicely on top but best check for pics online.

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