Petrucci Interview

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Petrucci Interview

Post by mace » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:49 am


I came across this short article, where Petrucci says: "one of my proudest moments was Boogie doing a signature amp with me because I've been a Boogie fan forever, and I worship the Mark C+ that Metallica did [1986's] 'Master of Puppets' with. My amp is a bonafide reissue of that, but modernized.

"Anyway, if there's any track that you can hear how good that sounds, it's 'Fall Into the Light.' That tone - that's pure Boogie."

The funny thing is at the very end of that song, there are some short palm muted power chords. I remember in another youtube video Petrucci was doing some palm muted power chords and saying the sound, the grind is the Boogie magic. When I first heard the ending of Fall Into the Light it made me think of that youtube video.

Interview Link: ... etter.html

I don't know which youtube video it was where he was grinding on the palm mutes and talking about that boogie sound.

Anyway, I tend to agree with him. lol
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