JP 2C.....holy sh1tballs batman

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JP 2C.....holy sh1tballs batman

Post by elpingua » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:50 pm

Had my JP2C for a little over a week now. The JP2C, similar to the Mark V, does require spending some time dialing in the tone, however the JP2C is much more forgiving. It took me this long to find 'the sound' - but holy crap once you find it it is gold. Being a heavy metal/death metal guy who wants balls to the wall distortion the trick for me was using less gain but running a clean boost. The amp doesnt need a boost if you are shooting for super high gain, but for my tastes, I like how the boost (suhr koko boost) just gives it a small oomf. Part of the struggle for me was that I was hard headed and wanted to use shred mode, pulled presence and or pulled gain. Ultimately, I found it best to leave shred and pulled presence off, with pulled gain (9 and 10 o clock seem like sweet spots). When I found the balance between thick lows, lower gain and pushed with boost pedal....chug on that palm muted Open A string...oh yeah~~~

If you are considering this amp go for it. I loved my Mark V it was and is a great amp just the JP2C is great(er).
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Re: JP 2C.....holy sh1tballs batman

Post by bandit2013 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:05 am

I would agree. Even with the IIC+ mod you can do to the Mark V, you just cannot get that JP-2C sound, you get close but still not there all the way. I use the JP-2C for more than just metal. Classic rock is also where it is at with this amp. Judas and Zeppelin, works for me. Even AC/DC sounds great.

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