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PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:07 am 
Dual Recto

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That would be an interesting dilemma to be in.... having two JP-2C. for sure I would be daisy chaining them together thought the Midi interface.

However, I have run each of my other amps in parallel with the JP-2C. A blend of the JP with the Roadster is a rewarding experience but channel changing is a pedal dance for sure unless you had a switcher for the Roadster that also takes care of midi commands to control the JP. I have done a few experiments with my other amps too. IMHO, if there was one amp worthy of the expense of an exotic wood enclosure it would be the JP-2C. I find this amp quite flexible especially due to the dual 5BEQ. You can use the two to tailor your tone each being set differently and just using one channel you actually can turn that into two by changing which EQ to use with the footswitch. The 5BEQ is far more responsive on the JP that it is on the Mark V. Perhaps the fundamental tone of the Mark V is what sets the two apart. I have yet to find the urge to chase the preamp tube balloon as the amp is awesome as is out of box. The Roadster on the other hand does need a little help to compensate for the dark tone especially on CH4 in modern voice. Would I miss the Roadster if I had to sell it to get the JP-2C, that is a hard question to answer as it all depends on what features you like about the Roadster. If you are one who likes the sag and character of the Rectifiers and sponge power setting, you would definitely miss it. However, the fundamental roots to the Roadster can be found in the JP-2C especially with the higher gain settings. The JP-2C is very tight on the bottom end and palm muting has a dry percussive effect. Perhaps not the best choice of words. The grinding distortion is just sinister when you want it to be and can easily be tamed with the volume control on your guitar. Considering the channels I spent most of my time on with the Roadster, I would not miss it now having the JP-2C. However, I do like using the Rectifier tubes and different power settings to achieve specific tones so I probably would. At the moment the Roadster is cold and has been for some time so I will have to dust it off and fire it up again. The three amps in my collection that are getting all of the attention are the JP-2C, TC-50 and Mark V and not in any particular order.

Current amps: TC-100, TC-50, JP-2C, MK V, Roadster, RA100

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