JP-2C with Axe FXII - Controlling volume levels - 4CM

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JP-2C with Axe FXII - Controlling volume levels - 4CM

Post by stimpy2468 » Mon May 15, 2017 11:43 am

Does anyone else use the JP-2C with the Axe FXII in a live situation with the 4 cable method?

Just wondering how you deal with volume outputs in different venues?

I've currently levelled out my 3 JP channels to roughly the same output and am then using the front "output 2" on the Axe to control the signal back to the power amp section of the JP.
This also allows me to sneak some modelled amps into my scenes and keep the levels the same.

Love the JP but can't help but think it should have an overall master volume covering all three channels.
Was toying with a power soak so I can really drive the amp but still have control over the final output.

Anyone got any thoughts/alternative suggestions?


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Re: JP-2C with Axe FXII - Controlling volume levels - 4CM

Post by Thaymz » Fri Oct 13, 2017 6:11 pm

Hi there

I use the Torpedo Reload as a power soak and variable attenuator on the JP. Works amazingly well and couldn't recommend it more for any tube amp.

I was hoping the output knob on the Torpedo captor was for the speaker volume but it only adjusts the output level going into your interface or other gear.

Do you find there's a lot of noise using the JP with 4CM on the Axe? I have a massive ground loop issue I think and just wondering if it's specifically my setup or common to the amp with the axe.

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Re: JP-2C with Axe FXII - Controlling volume levels - 4CM

Post by dotonfire » Fri Nov 03, 2017 2:34 pm

I've used the 4CM with my Axe-FX Ultra and the JP-2C. I'm not entirely sure how unity gain works on the Ultra vs the II, but I have my knobs on the front like so:

In 1 - Noon
In 2 - 2:30
Out 1 - maxed
Out 2 - maxed

It seems to work pretty well, though my guitar has been picking up the Mesa's transformer sometime with higher gain settings. Reducing in 2 helps a little, but it's tough in shred mode or boosted, maxed gain.
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