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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:23 am 
Bottle Rocket

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Hi all.

Got my new JP-2C yesterday (purely self indulgent :)


Would really like to know if anyone is using it for a more "classic" rock approach, I have a Triaxis in my gig rig along with an AXE FXII and it really works well for all types of stuff, which it needs to do in a covers band.

Love the clean channel but aside from the immense high gain tones this thing kicks out, can it be tamed??

Interested in knowing any hints/tips you guys have for achieving this, hoping I can take it out to the odd big gig :)

Cheers all.

PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:59 pm 
Bottle Rocket

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One thing I found that significantly changes the way this amp responds is what guitar I am using. I have played a variety of guitars through this and other quality amps and I have never played through an amp that reflects such variation in great sounds with each guitar. Usually I found that a particular guitar is strong with one or two sounds (clean, clean breakup, crunch, high gain and all of their nuances) in an amp. The one guitar that really provides the largest variety of sounds on the clean channel is my LP Custom . On high gain it can't be beat either - IMHO. Number two is my EBMM JP15. Many other popular guitars with the large choice of pickups available have a number of sweet spots across the channels. Others I've played through this amp are Gibson/Epi semi hollow bodies; Fender strat, tele; PRS custom, and Gibson SG. Of course no one approach will satisfy all sound requirements, but it is easier to take one amp, couple of key pedals and a few guitars to a gig than a few amps with speakers, modeler, and a lot of pedals.


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PostPosted: Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:22 pm 
Dual Recto

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The JP-2C is a bit difficult to get the low gain crunch or perhaps a soft clip if you do not use your volume control on the guitar. I tend to leave it all the way up most of the time. However if you roll back on the volume on the instrument the amp will clean up well on CH2 or even CH3. That does not always provide best results if you need more volume to accentuate what you are playing.

For stuff like Led Zeppelin, CH2 with a low to medium gain setting seems to do great. ACDC about the same. Some give or take on the 750hz slider and tweak the 240 a bit and the amp performs very well for some classic rock. However if your desire is for something with less gain, an OD or perhaps a multistage drive would help. I have been eyeing up a few but have not decided which one to get yet. I do have the Flux drive, sounds awesome for getting really thick tone and pushes the amp more than what you will get from the amp on its own, also have the gridslammer too which also makes the JP sing. But I have been looking for something with less gain or more control over the clip character. Perhaps use it with the clean channel to get the clean and dirty tone I would like to have. I have two pedals on my list but do I go for the red (sunset) one or the yellow (riverside)? I think I have become a Strymon junkie like I am a Mesa junkie. Come to thing of it I did not get my Mesa fix yet to day...

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:12 pm 
Mark II
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I hope this helps somewhat



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