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PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 5:33 pm 
Bottle Rocket

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Aside from Vintage 30s and Black Shadows, what are some other speakers you guys are using with your Royal Atlantics? I see at least one person has tried and enjoyed Creambacks. I'm running a 2x12 Recto cab with well worn V30s, which sounds incredible with my brother's Lonestar, but at times, I feel like it's nite the best pair with the Royal. I find myself running the treble at 9 o'clock or lower, mids at noon to 3 o'clock, and bass at 3. At times, there's a harshness I can't dial out, although I will admit that it's probably about time for a full retube. On that note, link me a thread with your favorite tubes. Let's just focus on speakers here, if that's cool! Thanks guys!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 3:52 pm 
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I have 2 EVM-12s and 2 Eminence RWBs in an X in my 4x12. Works well with both my Mark III and my RA-100 heads.

The RWB is a 70s Southern-flavoured speaker and is a little gritty, fuzzy, and smooths out the upper mids and highs as you get louder. The EVMs are, as always, very hi-fi, punchy and clear all through the range. This mix smooths out the slight 'nasal' thing the Mark III can get while still letting it cut through like a Mark should (when I play the mark I'm playing LOUD.)

For the RA, the RWBs make the amp a little more 'forgiving' and warm it up, especially on the blue channel, and the big EVMs keep it from getting too compressed (especially if you are using the power soak.) I also find this combo keeps me from having to tweak the amp every time I change power soak settings or go from 50 to 100, and if I want to dial in a more modern sound or use my baritone, the EVMs make the most of the RA's moderate bass.

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 8:40 pm 
Dual Recto

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For speakers, it depends on the type of cabinet you are using. If it is closed back, V30's always seem to be satisfying with the RA100. If you have an open back cabinet (1/4 or less opening) I personally found the Celestion Creamback G12H75 to sound the best. V30 in an open back cabinet seem to sound fizzy at reduced volume. However, I did not find those favorable in a closed back application. EV is not bad but tends to loose the midrange due to its flat response and may be too much for the clean channel. Not bad for Hi/Lo channel though. Organic Timbre Rhapsody is a little better performance wise with the RA over the EV but that speaker is much better suited for a Mark V. Royal settings would be to reduce treble and boost the bass as that fills out the tone a bit more. The amp does not have a presence feedback so it will be on the bright side. reduction of the treble on the Hi/Lo channel is key. Clean channel it is the opposite, reduce the bass and raise the treble.

Here is a link to the preamp tubes I prefer with the RA100 head. I selected tubes that complemented the OS Recto 412 cab. I am also using SED =C= EL34 tubes but the Mesa EL34 are good. Mullard RI EL34 will work too but will be a bit more aggressive in tone (I use those in the RA100 Combo with the Creambacks). There is something to gain with preamp tube choices but keep in mind that the changes will be mild but noticeable. I do like the Mesa tubes in the V4 and V5 positions as the clean channel sounds better when the gain is driven hard with those tubes. I have also tried a tung sol in V1 or V2 with the Mesa 12AX7 tube with some good results but feed back with higher gain settings was a challenge to prevent. Long plate 12AX7 tend to have more treble roll off than the short plate variety (check the specifications of the tubes in the tone charts most vendors will have on their site.).


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