Ohms labelled wrong on back of RA100?Can someone check?

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Ohms labelled wrong on back of RA100?Can someone check?

Post by diddlydan » Mon May 15, 2017 5:32 pm

Can someone do me a quick favour?Up to now ive been using the 8ohm output on my royal atlantic head into my 1x12 C90 cab and recto 4x12.Both 8ohm's.Today for the first time i tried the ohms switch.Up til now ive been pretty happy with the amp with felt it was little dark if im being honest.I was wishing it had a presence knob to add a little bit of top end.Funny thing is in the 4ohm output the amp sounds a bit brighter and clearer and a little bit louder.The exact opposite of what teh manual says... "When running a higher resistance ( for example: 8 ohm output into 16 ohm cabinet ), a slightly different feel and response will be eminent. A slight mismatch can provide a darker smoother tone with a little less output and attack. This response is a result of the amplifier running a bit cooler. Sometimes when using more than one cabinet a mismatch will be the only option." Im just wondering if the ohms on my amp are labelled wrong?With the switch up it says 8ohms and with it down 4ohms.But they soudn teh opposite as they are spose too.Could someone please check on theirs and see if the 4ohms is louder than the 8ohms?Cheers

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Re: Ohms labelled wrong on back of RA100?Can someone check?

Post by bandit2013 » Wed May 17, 2017 12:04 pm

I was going to make the bla...bla...statement. Hmm, very interesting. Tried an 8 ohm load and did not hear any difference in tone or volume between the 8 ohm and 4 ohm position on the switch. Did the same with two cabs hooked up for a total load of 4 ohms, no difference in tone or volume with the impedance switch in either position. I did this on the combo, will have to see if same occurs on head (same amp just inverted).

Perhaps at elevated volume settings there may be a notable change.

With other amps, you usually get a slight variance in tone (more roll off on the top) when driving a higher load cab with a lower rated output selection. (8 ohm cab to 4 ohm OT impedance selection). Mark V is one that is most noticeable as that was a way to cure some of the brittleness of the CH3 (did not solve it but as a temporary measure it helped).

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