Cleans on the royal atlantic?

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Re: Cleans on the royal atlantic?

Post by griff3 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:59 pm

Not sure if it's too late, but I've recently been playing my RA a lot as well as my Mark V (90) through a variety of cabs.

As reference, I have several amps, but a Lonestar isn't one of them. My Two Rock Emerald Pro is sort of my gold standard for clean tones, and while either the Mark V or the RA can get close, the RA gets just a touch closer, and has the extra channels to boot.

The RA isn't a Fender and doesn't get into Twin territory (at least not through a Greenback loaded 4x12, a recto 2x12, a roadster 4x12, or a Two-Rock 2x12.) I have an Egnater TOL100 with very Fenderish cleans and they just aren't at all the same to me. I used to play a vintage Super Reverb as well, and still have a DRRI.

That being said, if you like your Fender with a touch more mids (as I do) then you'll love the RA clean tones. And it has the added bonus of doing a pretty darn convincing tweed twin type of sound with the gain up past about noon (I have a Victoria 50212 and they are remarkably similar when pushed.)

The Mark V can get almost identical tones on fat mode with no graphic EQ, but I can't get them exactly the same, even through the same cab. I use EL34s in my Mark V as well.

Bottom line is my RA is going to unseat my Mark V and my Egnater for a while on gigs. I miss having the 4th channel that I have on the Egnater, but the tone in the RA is every bit as good and it's a lot more reliable. And it's a lot simpler than the Mark V to dial in for a new room.

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