RA100 Combo with Creamback G12H-75

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Re: RA100 Combo with Creamback G12H-75

Post by bandit2013 » Tue May 23, 2017 6:24 am

The recording would have sounded a bit better if the guitar was in tune. I was messing with it the night before during practice to match my friend so I think the low E was flat and the A and D may be on the sharp side. We were playing the blues and it sounded great with the guitar on the sour side the night before.

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Re: RA100 Combo with Creamback G12H-75

Post by danyeo1 » Thu Feb 20, 2020 5:30 pm

3 year bump. I picked up a Royal combo for a great price. My thoughts are the V30's gotta go. What I've been doing is not using the internal speakers in the royal cab but dragging the combo close to an Electra Dyne combo and using the Dyne as the cabinet for the Royal. The Dyne is a 1x12 and I loaded a Celestion Redback in there and it sounds a LOT better through the Dyne combo cabinet than it does though it's own cab with the pair of V30's. I think the Redback smooths out any annoying high end and adds a bit of bottom.

This guy posts a good comparison of the Redback vs creamback H75's. H75's sound good to me as well. I think both are better sounding than V30's.
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