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TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Wed Apr 29, 2015 1:04 pm
by Dreamtheaterrules
I'm seriously hoping that there is soon to be a V2 series of the Trans Atlantic. I LOVE my TA 15. I was initially going to sell it in preparation for a new version, but I love the amp so much that I'm not taking a chance, and won't sell it until a new version is announced. Mean time, here is what I've love to see in a new version.

1) effects loop
2) full B/M/T tone stack, + presence. I can't stress this enough, as I get SUCH good tones out of the TA but a full stack would allow control of the mids.
3) NO reverb- yeah, not that big of a deal to me, with a loop. I can use whatever pedal I have and whatever type of verb I want for that tone with a good pedal. Rather see the resources and money spent elsewhere.
4) Cab clone- obviously
5) (And this is a biggy...) For YEARS thousands of guitarists have sought the "fender cleans/Marshall gain" setup in a two channel amp. This amps functionality would be dramatically improved for MANY people, if the Fender voice was moved to Channel 1, so you could then switch from Fender cleans to Marshall, or Boogie gain tones, with the footswitch. I actually like the Fender channel quite a bit and find a lot of tonal variety with the various power amp stages, but don't use it much because then I can't footswitch to my Hi1 channel Marshall tones. Heck, if the Vox tones can't be moved to C2, I'd rather LOSE them and have maybe C1 = Tweed/blackface" on the toggles, and C2 be "Marshall/ Boogie." As much as I like some of the Voxy tones (they sound REALLY good with my Red Fang Alnico, and the TA30 was even better!), I'd give them up for the ability to footswitch Fender to Marshall. And with Blackface-Tweed on 1, Marshall-Boogie on 2... fugetaboutit!

6) (minor) revoice the Boogie (Hi2) so it's a little more different than the Hi1.

Lastly, bring the price in around $1000. Maybe $1099, but not as high as the V25. Given V25 and Mini Rec pricing, this should be doable with comparable features.

Leave the power stages alone. I LOVE the 5/15/25 watt setup and the difference in feel, tone, etc. that you have when switching between them. One reason the amp is so hard to get rid of now, is that Hi1 in 5 watt mode, is the great 5 watt Marshall amp I've always wanted for home. With a 1x12 with greenback type speaker (my Private Jack) it sounds great and would be even better with a full tone stack.

I figure this amp is well into development now and it may be too late to have input on what we'd like. But maybe not. I love the TA series amps. Couple of these changes and it would sit next to my V25 on the "I'll never sell this" list.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Fri May 01, 2015 3:35 pm
by polaris20
All I want is a 25w Stiletto, that maybe can do Vox on Ch.1.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 2:08 pm
by Dreamtheaterrules
That's an interesting idea. I've never played a Stiletto, but I'd be interested in a 25 watt, Marshall voiced amp.

If M/B is watching this, given the response to this thread, I'm thinking I better hang on to my TA15. :( If so, either a Bad Cat Unleash or a Fryette Power Station is in my near future. I'd hate to spend $400-$600 on one of them though, and then a TA V2 series come out.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 2:43 pm
by jmontgomery
I'd like to see the TA-15 with an effects loop & reverb in a small head she'll like the Mark25. Even better would be a TA-30 with the only change to the circuit being making it silent with the loop/reverb engaged and putting it in the Mark25 head shell.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Wed May 20, 2015 1:18 pm
by Dreamtheaterrules
Only reason I leave out the verb on my wish list, is that there are so many good reverb pedals now, and you can choose the type of verb you want for a particular tone. If I get a Strymon, I say, use the verb resources for other things, or a lower price. Much rather have a full tone stack instead, because, despite what some people think is a popular song, it's really all about the mids. :D

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:20 am
by KasperT
Excellent post DTR, and I agree completely. I know I'm late but I don't drop in often. The primary tweak I would suggest to your wishlist is that both sides have access to all the modes, so that if we want we could for example have one side with a cranked Top Boost, and the other side with a clean Top Boost. That would help to eliminate any potential difference in the character of the channels, if it were desired. It would be interesting to see what Randall and crew could do with a V2, especially after honing their mini-amp skills on the Mark V 25, etc.

BTW I don't own the MK5 25 yet but it will probably be mine someday.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2015 7:42 pm
by barryswanson
I see on Mesa's website it says that there no longer in production. I wish Mesa would just let us know if they have a revision two in the works. It wouldn't affect sales because nearly everyone is out of stock. I'm sitting on the fence waiting to see if something new is coming out or I'm gonna buy an Axe Fx.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2015 12:57 pm
by polaris20
barryswanson wrote:I see on Mesa's website it says that there no longer in production. I wish Mesa would just let us know if they have a revision two in the works. It wouldn't affect sales because nearly everyone is out of stock. I'm sitting on the fence waiting to see if something new is coming out or I'm gonna buy an Axe Fx.
Friends don't let friends buy modelers. :D

Mesa is most definitely working on something, and it'll be announced soon. No details, but it's a TA replacement.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:51 am
by OldTelecasterMan
I am looking for a Royal Atlantic 2. I almost bought one at the beginning of the year. I loved the tone with the 4x12. I am looking for an EL-34 based amp. There are a few out there but I really like the Royal Atlantic tone. It is always much easier to buy an amp when you can test drive, touch and push it a little. Buying online is such a gamble and most amps are just not in stores. And when I am looking at dropping a few thousand dollars on an amp and cabinet...I want to touch it, hear it, see if we get along before I open my wallet.

Also they have great service and support and tech at the Hollywood shop is awesome.

So...Royal Atlantic 2... would be very cool.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 1:37 pm
by sublimeride
Any news yet? I saw they did a Mark V 35, very cool. Iam still loving my TA15. I guess if I could add something to my TA15 it would be an effects loop. I absolutely love all the modes and the tones Iam able to get but the reverb in front just isn't the same as it is through a loop. I thought about getting a TA30 but thought it better to wait and see if they come out with an updated version. Fingers crossed. :mrgreen:

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Mon Nov 16, 2015 3:00 pm
by Dreamtheaterrules
I still love my TA15 as well. Give me this plus loop, full B/M/T tone stack, and preferably a cab clone, and I'm good to go. Every time I look at one of the nice little 5 watters, i think "why? I already have 4 different really nice 5 watters, all in one box, plus more" and they cost more than I could sell the TA15 for!

There really is a lot of really good stuff going on with this amp. If it even had a loop I wouldn't be concerned about a new model! I've considered adding a Power Station, but that costs more than a nice used TA15. And, the full tone stack would take the voices to the next level, IMHO.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:19 am
by sublimeride
C'mon guys, some love for the Transatlantic. The squeaky wheel get the grease. :mrgreen:

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:40 pm
by Dreamtheaterrules
I actually sold mine. Still loved it, but a once in a lifetime deal came up on a Mark V and I needed the last few hundred bucks quick to get it. I think Mesa has gotten sidetracked with the overwhelming success of the Mark V25, and now the 35. I'm guessing this got put on the back burner when the V25 took off the way it did.

At this point, if something else comes along that scratches my boutique M amp itch, I probably won't be in the market for a TA II. If not, I may own another one like I sold. I'd definitely own one again and think it's a great amp for the going used prices. But if I get a Friedman or Stiletto, Soldano, Splawn or Archon or something and LOVE it, I might be done for a while The V, V25, Mini Rec and PRS Custom 50 are scratching almost any itch I could have right now, and all doing so extremely well.

Re: TA V2 wishlist thread

Posted: Mon Sep 26, 2016 9:37 am
by polaris20
Over a year later, and I still just want a 25w Stiletto with Vox cleans. :lol: Specifically:

Ch.1 Vox normal
Ch.1 Vox Top Boost
Ch.1 (maybe?) HiWatt clean

Ch.2 Plexi
Ch.2 JCM800
Ch.2 hotrodded 800

No reverb. Just effects loop.