tried a TA30 combo today...

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Re: tried a TA30 combo today...

Post by bigbean » Sat May 07, 2011 1:23 pm

TC stuff is great. I've been having a lot of fun with various pedal combinations - marshal, line6, morley, aphex, seymour duncan, tech21 with loopmaster loop switching. It's pretty inexpensive entertainmanet in $100ish chunks that are easy to buy and sell used.

Thanks for the knowledgable info.
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Re: tried a TA30 combo today...

Post by hrcapers » Tue May 24, 2011 7:00 pm

I've had a TA-30 head for about 5 weeks now. It was purchased mainly as a studio amp and an amp for the 9 piece horn band I play with. I have not noticed any problems with hum. I WAS so impressed with the amp that I used it with my main classic rock band. I feel like it's still breaking in, but here are a few observations. The Tweed channel compared very favorably with my '64 Princeton reverb. The H1 channel is also very close to my Sewell Texaplex, whose output section is based on a Marshall JTM45. In both cases, the sound from the TA-30 was a little hard. It didn't quite have the organic smoothness of the other amps. I swapped the 12AX7 in V2 for a Mullard box plate CV4004 and things improved. Since I was using the reverb/effects loop, I also swapped that tube for the Mullard. A very slight improvement again. This little amp is probably 98% of my favorite clean and crunch amps in one package! I wasn't expecting this. :D

For those that like the 30W setting more than the 15W, if using an 8 ohm speaker, use the 4 ohm output from the amp. It appears to be current limiting in the 15W mode. I assume Mesa did not try to account for the limited current when using only 2 tubes.

I'm not the biggest fan of EL84 tubes. I find them a little technicolored. I prefer EL34s. I wonder what a TA-50 with a 50W, 25W, 10W switch would sound like...

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